Take a look at these arty tan lines achieved with a spray tan. I’m sure they came as quite a surprise to the newlywed husband.

Spray tans or airbrush tans allow the customer and the spray tan artist to really let their creativity come out, this is a very good example of what can be achieved with a spray tan and offers many fabulous options to your more adventurous spirit. Can you imagine the attention you will get with this type of artistic spray tan on the beach?

Couple this artistic spray tan with one of the Ed Hardy Bikini’s and you are sure to get more attention than you have ever had before.

Tan lines are not everyones idea of sexy but these tan lines are nothing like I have ever seen before and the more I look at them the more I am beginning to like the idea.

It’s a bit like getting a henna tattoo, I can really see someone making all sorts of stencils to stick on like the playboy bunny etc..

Having said that, I prefer this look for a wedding dress. Spend a day at the spa with some of your friends and family, get a massage to relieve the stress and spray on a fabulous tan. Just remeber to book your spray tan at least 2 to 3 days before the wedding day.

Ensure that your wedding day photographs are the best they can possibly be and consider taking your close friends and brides maids for a spray tan a few days before your wedding day, it will make all the difference.

For a more permanent tan and one that can be maintained very easily, Betatan has an injectable tanning solution called melanotan which is a very effective tanning method that works incredibly well.