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In short a thread facelift is quick, less intrusive and a fraction of the cost of a surgical face lift with results almost immediately visible.

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional facelift, one which is more cost effective and safer, then thread facelift is the way to go. This procedure was designed to be less invasive and the risk of this procedure is much less than the more conventional approach.  It effectively reduces sagging in the cheeks, jaw line and the neck area quicker than the conventional approach as well. Thread lift is a procedure whereby special threads are used to discreetly hold repositioned skin and the facial tissue in place after the surgery.

In the procedure Contour Thread lift, further prevention of traces of the surgery is done by using clear threads.  Thread lift is a cost effective, immediate result and low risk alternative to the more conventional facelift procedure.

What exactly is it

This is the perfect solution to anyone who is experiencing early signs of aging for example slight facial sagging.  Thread facelift is not only a convenient but also a far less invasive procedure compared to a traditional facelift.  What’s more, the surgery only takes about 2 hours if not less, and it is done without local anaesthesia.

During this procedure the doctor will insert thin threads into the facial area through minute incisions that were made in order to target the area. These threads are attached to the skin tissue which are then pulled back in order to lift and smooth out the face.  The effect is almost instant on the treated areas, the sagging areas are eliminated leaving the face looking rejuvenated.

Patients undergoing the thread face lift are fully conscious throughout the procedure and can therefore approve the look while the surgeon is still working on them.  The knots that are made will be hidden in the skin itself and any scarring will be almost nonexistent.

What is a contour thread lift?

It is a procedure by which a thread facelift is done using unique contour threads.  The threads are made from clear (see through) polypropylene and they are nonabsorbable.  These threads are carefully guided along previously selected contour lines, which improves precision.  The threads are inserted through little incisions that have been made just above the hairline.  These barb-covered threads tighten as well as lift the flabby skin giving a younger looking appearance.

Who is the most likely to benefit from the procedure?

The best candidates would be anyone aged between 30 to 60, and whose skin tone is still quite good.  Most candidates are just beginning to experience sagging skin in their facial and neck areas, the skin has also not yet begun to loosen or droop too much, which would have then needed to be fixed by more rigorous facelift surgeries

The thread lift procedure is perfect for those individuals who have minimal signs of aging.  This procedure will ensure a great way to make cosmetic enhancements, avoiding any facelift scarring or any other potential side effects that usually accompany more intensive surgical procedures.

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