Betatan in Sandton is now offering the incredible melanotan tanning solution. Melanotan is available in either injectable vials or a nasal spray.

Results are a dark even tan within 2 weeks, the darkness dependent on your skin type but all skin types will see an even sexy tan. The injectable MT2 is a quicker acting formula than the Melanotan administered through the nasal spray and effects will be seen sooner.

The benefits of using Melanotan 2 as opposed to tanning beds or spray tanning are firstly you are not exposed to harmful UV light as on a tanning bed and your tan will last a lot longer than with a spray tan. Melanotan was often not used by those who were fearful of receiving injections but now, with the nasal spray, anyone can have a beautiful dark tan all year round.

Address: 8 Brian Street, Peter Place, Sandton

Betatan is the first South African company to offer Melanotan 2 in a nasal spray and is available through their website or from their Sandton offices.