When people talk about a boob job it’s medical term is breast augmentation surgery. A boob job or breast enlargement is when implants are inserted into the breasts during surgery. Some woman need the opposite and need to have breast reduction surgery. There are many different reasons that woman have breast implants. Some need the surgery because their breasts are under developed, others do the surgery after having breast fed and they would like to have perky looking breasts again, and some woman want the surgery because gravity played a large role as they aged. No matter the reason, women must have realistic expectations of what a boob job involves. A question asked by many women is if there will be allot of scarring.

Normal scarring

The scaring is minimal when you have had a boob job. It is very important to choose the surgeon and the clinic with great care. You should choose a surgeon who is very experienced and who will attempt to make the scar as small and as neat as possible. The stitching must also be done with the greatest of care. An experienced surgeon will also have photos of the previous work they have done. Right after the surgery the scar on your breasts will look unsightly and there really is no avoiding this. After a few months, however, the pink colour of the scar will start to fade and blend in with your own skin colour. The scar will never fully fade, but you will be more conscious of the scar than what other people will be. Chances are that they will not even notice the scar and by using silicone gel sheets to reduce the scars appearance, this will be greatly reduced.

More extreme scarring

There are a minority of individuals whose scarring will be worse, and unfortunately there is no way of knowing until after the surgery. If you have been injured and you usually heal well, then the chances are that with your breast surgery scar it will be the same. There are people who are prone to growing excessive scar tissue. The surgeon will always try to make the scar as small and un noticeable as he possibly can. One must remember not everyone heals the same, and that no two patients are the same.