Ed hardy’s distinctive designs will be gracing our beaches this summer. They are provocative and incredibly sexy swimsuits from designer Christian Audigier were a real hit at the Mercedes Benz fashion week. Christian Audigier had this to say about his swimsuit line: Talking about his vibrant bikinis Christian said, “I did the best collection ever of swimsuits this is why everyone is wearing them.” The Ed Hardy brand is a mere 4 years old and was launched by Audigier in 2004. He very quickly had Hollywood stars as loyal customers and so the meteoric rise of the brand began. His sometimes outlandish designs are clearly what the world was deperately waiting for and the individuality of each piece of clothing has made Ed Hardy the brand of choice by celebrities such as, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, Mickey Rourke, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Usher, Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Shakira, Ciara, Heidi Klum, T.I. and Jaime Foxx. These little swimsuits don’t come cheap though, but if you really want to make a statement on the beaches this summer, be prepared to shell out a few thousand rand. The mens range of Ed Hardy swimming trunks will be a real hit this summer. We have come a long way since the surfer style swimming shorts and the individuality that the Ed Hardy brand offers will certainly get a few long hard looks.