tanning lotion

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get your toes in the sand. Exposing your skin, and a lot of it in some cases, can be oh so rewarding.

There are so many lotions and potions available to protect your skin from burning and there is so much information out there that warns you of skin cancer and a number of other harmful effects of the sun, but we all love that healthy glow of a beautiful tanned skin.

So what do we do?

if you are going to be lying on the beaches, prepare your skin over a period of time, even if it means spending some time in the sun or on a sunbed before you go on holiday. By doing this, you won’t run the risk of being burnt like this poor woman on her honeymoon and your tan will just darken and intensify during your holiday.

If you are adamant that you don’t want to run the risk of burning either outdoors or indoors, you can get a spray tan. These are the answer for those with very fair skin as they are virtually instant and you can use very high protection factor sunblocks to protect your skin while flaunting a fabulous golden tan. When it starts to fade, simply step into the spray booth and you are golden again.

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