What can you expect to see on the beaches this summer. Here are a few of the latest styles of swimwear that range in price from a few hundred rand to a few thousand rand.

There is the monokini or one piece that has come a long way since the 20’s where the wearer would probably have been just as comfortable in a dress and top. Swimwear has become a large part of any major brands clothing range and have the price tags to match.

This classic red and black striped bikini has a double string and will produce some really wonderful tan lines.

Then of course there are the very daring styles which leave little to the imagination, have little in the way of fabric but still have a price tag to make almost anyone take a step back. For some reason australian and French tourists seem to be the most adventurous.

Whatever style you choose this summer, prepare your skin for the summer sun. Spray tanning before you go on holiday or using a tanning bed to prepare your skin will ensure that you get the most out of your holiday.

Perhaps the next fashion accessory to be seen on the beaches will be stylish hats and caps!