It is scientifically proven that tanning on a tanning bed does not deplete as much vitamin D in your system as tanning in the open. In a group of 165 adults all 165 showed at least 90% higher levels of vitamin D in their blood after tanning on a tanning bed as opposed to when they tanned out in the open and exposed themselves directly to the sun.

During this study, it was also proven that individuals that visited a tanning saloon at least once per week for 6 months or over had a greater bone density in the hip area. This study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study itself was partly funded by the UV Foundation, which is funded by the Indoor Tanning Association.

Diring exposre to the suns ultra vilet rays our bodies begin a process of creating the usable portion of vitamin D. This is essential to bodies and aids in calcium absorption for healthy bones. It must not be forgotten that UV ray absorption is the major cause of skin cancers.

Your body needs a certain amount of vitamin D and getting it from exposure on a tanning bed can be healthy and like any exposure to potentially harmful rays for a period too long that your skin burns or reddens, this can be harmful.

Remember, everything in excess can be bad for your health. Just use your common sense and your health will improve with your tanning bed while pumping up your vitamin D concentration. Tan wisely!