Acne presents itself in many forms and degrees of severity. It refers to everything from whiteheads and blackheads to severe cysts that cause permanent scarring.

Every person at some stage in their lives suffers from varing degrees of acne and close to half will need professional treatment for acne.

The myths

1. Washing more often will help to clear acne.

Acne is cuased by the pore walls sticking together and not by an accumulation of dirt in the pores. Vigerous and frequent washing of affected areas can do more damage than harm and the use of abbrasive cloths can caused more damage.

Gently washing is recommended.

2. Exposure to the sun can help clear acne.

The most important conideration when undergoing any acne treatment is to prevent skin damage and exposure to harsh sunlight damages the skin and will not help clear up acne. Small amounts of Vitamin D received by short exposure to the sun may assist to some degree in the short term, it is not a cure of any kind.

3. Bad diet causes acne

Bad diet is never good in any situations but there is no evidence that diet and acne are connected. You can have chocolate and burgers, the ruke of thumb for any healthy diet is moderation in all things.

4. Let acne run it’s course

There is a big difference between adolescent pimples and acne. If you suspect that poor skin is acne, see a dermatologist. Acne can be cured and there are very effective acne treatments on the market. Prevention and early treatment can prevent the permanenet scarring associated with acne.

Argueably the most important factor to living and experiencing a happy and fulfilled life is the way we feel about ourselves. Don’t let acne scarring damage your perception of self.