fake bakeBefore you go into the sun this year consider using a self tanning lotion or having a few spray tan sessions at a salon.

The reason for this is that you can start out your summer with a beautiful bronze tan and by using a self tanning lotion that has an SPF of 15 to SPF20 you will tan gradually and as the self tanning wares off your natural tan underneath will come through.

A big mistake that people make is to think that they can spend as much time in the sun as they like if they are spray tanned or have applied a self tanning lotion. Be warned, you will burn through the fake tan.

If you choose a self tanning lotion, the best results are achieved by having someone else apply it onto your body but first you need to follow these steps for best results.

Bath or shower first, giving your skin a thorough exfoliation with a loofah or other exfoliating solution.

Dry yourself thoroughly and moisturize your skin. Allow the moisturizer to work it’s magic and leave it until it is completely absorbed.

Now begin the self tanning lotion application and it is a good idea to use surgical gloves so as not to stain your hands. Start from your feet and work your way up. It is important not to apply too much to your knees, ankles and elbows. Always read the instructions on the bottle carefully… You are going to have this colour for some time.

As soon as you are finished, wash your hands immediately if you did not use surgical gloves, the last thing you want are brown palms.

Remember that it takes time for the actual colour to come through so be patient and sit it out before you are tempted to do a second application. Ask someone how the colour looks, you may not be the best judge!