The Nickel self tanning gel is designed for facial use but can be used on the entire body. Use this advanced self tanning facial gel to achieve a glorious tan all year long.

After a single application you will have a noticeably darker tan which can be darkened further with additional applications of the Nickel self tanning gel.

The Gel is non greasy, easy to apply and can be used on all skin types for an all year tan. Keep your holiday tan and that healthy glow with the easy to apply Nickel self tanning gel.

You will apply the self tan daily until you reach the colour you want to achieve and then simply apply every third day to maintain the tan. It is suitable and most often used on the face to great effect.

2 self-tanning agents (DHA + erythrulose) : gradual, ultra natural tan, with no streaks or orange effect. Odourless thanks to an odour-capturing fragrance. Super-hydrating and anti-dulness thanks to a sugar derivative (saccharide isomerate)