tanning lotionAll tanning indoor lotions are not made equal, that is to say that a fancy name and packaging does not ensure that you are getting the best tanning lotion for your skin type.

It is important to read the labels and ingredients of the indoor tanning lotions and the application instructions before buying your tanning lotion. Some tanning lotions are made specifically for those who have had exposure to indoor tanning solutions for elngthy periods and are intended to enhance an already tanned skin and others are made for initial exposre to UV rays from indoor tanning beds.

Generally speaking indoor tanning lotions do not have a sunblock factor in their ingredients and some even have what is termed “sizzle” which can redden your skin if not used at the appropriate time. This condition may last up to several hours according to your skin and how long you stay in the tanning booth. The lotions with sizzle were created for use on the face more than other parts of your body. A matter of fact, when you begin to read the label on tanning products you will learn that several let you know exactly what part of the body they are intended to tan.

if you tan regularily and just want to maintain your tan during the winter, remember to moisturise regularily to avoid dryness and peeling or flaking skin. Moisturising has the effect of letting your tan last longer.

For first time tanners, start off slow and achieve a good healthy base tan without any reddening or burning. A rule of thumb is that 15 minutes in a tanning booth in the early stages of inddor tanning is ample when combined with a good quality and suitable tanning lotion.