Esse skin care products are Ecocert certified organic products. Natural skin care products produced by Esse include a full range of skin care products including cleansers, moisturisers, exfoliaters, masks and oils for all your skin care needs.

Each product indicates the % of organic material as well as the % of natural material used in it’s manufacture which gives the consumer essential information on any chemicals contained in the Esse skin care range.

For example, the Body oil is 99.6% organic and 100% natural product, priced reasonably and available all over South Africa.

Esse produce a range of Salon products as well as consumer cosmetics.

Esse is certified by Beauty Without Cruelty which indicates that both the raw materials in their skin care products and their products themselves are not tested on animals.

Human volunteers are used for sensitivity tests which have shown that on many occasions, the products to produce less irritation than distilled water.

Esse is also endorsed by the Vegan society which indicates that no animal products are iused in their manufacture.

Esse are all natural products with very high percentages of organic material.