The Environ® skin care range was first formulated as a result of Dr Fernandes’ misfortune when he attempted to treat the melanoma of two young, charismatic patients, who both died before they were twenty-three years old. Such a horrifying experience leaves an indelible scar on one’s life as a doctor. For this reason, he started to study the mechanism of skin cancer and the skin – and thus Environ® was born.

Environ®’s Sun Care SELF TAN is a moisturising gel that leaves your skin soft and moist all day long whilst building up a light and natural looking tan. It contains a cocktail of phyto (plant) extracts and antioxidants to help combat the harmful effects of the sun and pollution.

It may be applied to the face and body. This product is easily absorbed and fragrance free. It provides a healthy looking tan without exposure to the harmful UV rays associated with tanning. Results will be noticeable after approximately 2 hours and application can be repeated once the tan starts to fade.

It is essential to exfoliate before application to ensure a long lasting tan. Wait 2 hours before swimming or showering. Apply 2 hours before your usual Environ® products. ENVIRON®’S SELF TAN should always be used with a broad spectrum sun screen SPF15 or higher such as Environ® RAD when exposed to the sun. Avoid contact with clothes/towels while product is damp on the skin.

The shelf life for this product is twelve (12) months unopened and should be used within 6-8 weeks after opening.