spray tanSpray tanning is relatively new in South Africa and the ideal UV-free tanning which is quick to apply, safe and healthy.

The Tanning solution is sprayed onto the tanner in a booth but can be sprayed outdoors. Spray tanning solutions containing an approved ingredient called DHA are the essentails to look out for. The end result is a beautiful golden bronze tan that takes between 6 and 8 hours to fully develop. The tan will last on average 7 days depending on the skin type with post-tan maintenance and care.

A full Body spray tan will take approximately 30 minutes and cost anywhere between R150 and R500 depending on the tanning salon and the tanning products used.

The best tanning solutions for that perfect tan is definately a pray tan.

• High quality DHA combines with surfactants, humectants, emollients and organic pigments at optimum PH-level to give you an incredibly natural tan.

• No wrinkles, orange hands, dirty-looking patches or streaks

• The tanning solutions enable you to adjust the level of tanning according to your desired colour

• The wide range of Koebana preparation and after-care products ensures a longer-lasting tan