The latest piece of equipment available for busy tanning salons or an additional service for tanning salons is the portable spray tan equipment offered by Fantasy tan(seen here) and other well know spray tan equipment manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

These portable, light weight spray tan systems offer a completely professional experience for both the applicator and the client. Initially, this spray tan equipment was designed and produced for make up artists in the celebrity and fashion industry, where portability was essential.

Most portable tanning equipment wether it uses a compressor or the hvlp system weigh less than 10kg, are packaged in hard cases and have wheels, so it is as easy as wheeling your luggage.

This neatly packaged portable tanning equipment is perfect for those who arrange tanning parties as the spray gun and hoses do not overheat and from a 1 litre bottle of tanning solution you can get as many as 20 spray tans.