milos-bodybuilderThe most important part of preparation for a contest, after you have dehydrated and have the lowest level of body fat you are likely to achieve is to get a very dark tan. All light or regular skin tones when under the bright lights on stage, do not highlight the definition in your muscles that you have work so hard to achieve. You are being judged on the muscle definition and symmetry so apply 2 or 3 additional coats of self tan or spray tan to achieve a deep dark tan that will highlight each and every muscle.

Don’t muck around trying to do it yourself, you could end up with an uneven or streaky tan that will be to your disadvantage when on stage. You have worked hard and suffered long to achieve the body you are going to put on show. Get an expert spray tanner to come to your home or gym and do the application professionally, you will be assured of the darkest most effective tan under the lights that will give you a competitive advantage. Airbrush tans are the most effective, results are instant and you can gauge the darkness after 1/2 or three applications.

Prepare your body before the tan application.

1. Remove all hair from your body.

2. Exfoliate

Use an old posing suit or thong that you do not mind being discolored during the tanning process or for those who wish to tan nude, most salons have privacy booths or use a home spray tanning service. Most important for after the spray tan is to wear loose fitting clothes or clothes with elastic waistbands, let the spray tan dry completely.