The darker you are the more defined you will appear on stage. Here is a video giving good advice on applying skin darkening products for body builders. It is very difficult to be too dark. The common expression is “apply several coats of tan, when you think that you are finally dark enough, apply another coat. A good natural base tan is recommended however you will need to be considerably darker.

1. Pro Tan Instant Competition Color. This is a liquid tanning agent that you apply with a sponge applicator. Several coats are required to achieve maximum color saturation however when done correctly, the color will be very dark, even and remain fairly stable when applying oil or while sweating on stage. It does not wash off easily however and will wear off unevenly. Also it is messy when applying and has an unpleasant scent. Keep in mind however that your main concern is how you look on stage during the competition and not after. This is probably the most popular of all competitions tans.

NOTE: Pro Tan can be applied with the sponge applicator that comes with the bottle or a regular, small, household sponge. It is more easily applied if poured into a bowl rather than sprayed on.

2. Jan Tana Competition Tan. This is a quick and easy tan to apply product. It is a lotion which applies evenly and will achieve a dark color with just 2 or three coats. Jan Tana also washes off more quickly than Pro Tan however it is more likely to smear or run when applying oil or sweating.

NOTE: Apply this product with your bare hands to get the most even application. Many people wear rubber gloves however this tends to drag the product and not allow for an even tan.

3. Dream Tan. Dream Tan is a lotion that applies quickly and evenly. Typically this product is applied in the morning before the pre-judging. While one coat may be sufficient, most competitors will apply 2 coats for maximum darkness. Posing oil is not necessary as this product already contains oil. If additional shine is desired, apply oil BEFORE applying Dream Tan. This product washes off completely and easily.

4. Dy-O-Derm. Dy-O-Derm is NOT a competition tan however it is often used in combination with other tanning agents. When several coats of this product are applied prior to or mixed with other tanning agents an even darker tan can be achieved. Use ventilation because the scent is harsh. Also Dy-O-Derm will leave your skin very dry. You may develop a rash if you have sensitive skin.