pregnant-beachMoms to be, your hormonal changes effect your skin and how it reacts to the sun and exposure to tanning beds. Pigmentation from exposure to UV rays is a real risk which will usually lighten significantly after you give birth or dissapear altogether.

The best advice to tanning while pregnant is to keep yourself well hydrated and use a higher Sun protectionfactor (SPF) because your skin will be more sensitive to UVB rays and you are likely to burn a lot easier, and of course dealing with sunburn while you are already uncomfortable from your pregnancy would not be advisable.

Self tanning lotions you apply at home and spray tans are perfectly safe for you and your baby. Tanning lotions work by tanning the top layers of dead skin cells. They don’t penetrate into the blood stream so the ingredients used will not reach your baby. All the ingredients used in tanning lotions have been approved as safe by the FDA. Get the Dad to be to help you apply the self tanning lotion to be sure you don’t miss a spot.

Its all about moderation and taking a little extra care of your skin during your preganancy. You may really like the feeling of the sun on your body or just love that healthy glow from being tanned, either way you deserve to feel and look great.