Brilliant tan has everything you need to kit out your home or salon with tanning salon equipment.

Tanningonline offers a range of tanning beds and accessories including parts like replacement lamps and glass and connectors from the latest equipment to older tanning equipment.

They offer a range of tanning salon packages from 2 bed salons to 12 bed salons that include everything you could possibly need to establish an operating tanning salon. All you need to do is find the premises and order the salon equipment package that suits you.

On offer is a stand up automatic spray tanning system to add to your salons appeal. As UV free tanning continues to grow in popularity it will give your salon an edge over the others who do not offer what is effectively instant tanning. Spray tanning has become increasingly popular and the automatic spray tanning booths are must have services for tanning salons.

Stand up tanning booths are also available and include stereo speakers, straps and cut off buttons. The built in timers allow you to set your customers time and attend to other salon business.