sunbed tanning

Does tanned skin mean damaged skin?

Tanned skin signifies the bodies natural reaction by being exposed to ultra violet rays. During exposure to UV rays, melanin is activated and browns as it rises  to the surface of the skin as well as thickening the outer epidermis which is seen as a tannned skin. Remember that tanning can take as long as 4/5 days to develop so be patient, the last thing you want to do s over expose your skin, which will result in burning and cause premature ageing of the skin.

Is sunbed use linked to cancer?

Burning your skin, wether through over exposure to natural sunlight or sunbed use, particularily at a young age would increase the risk of associated skin problems, including cancer. Controlled exposure to UV rays with the specific intention of creating a tanned skin has not been linked by medical research to recent incidences of skin cancer. It boils down to using sunbed facilities sensible and not over exposing your skin to UV rays.

In your tanning program, it is recommended that 2-3 monitored tanning sessions on a sunbed per week will be sufficient to maintain a golden tan all year round. To begin your program you should have 5 short sessions per week for the first month and then use a maintenance schedule of 2-3 times per week.

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