Sun@ in Rivonia offer both spray tan and sundeb tanning facilities in the BUZZ shopping center in Rivonia.

The sunbeds on offer are both horizontal and vertical for the perfect all over tan. Spray tanning is becoming a very popular way to get that all over healthy glow that only a beautiful golden tan can offer. Spray tanning is ideal for weddings and before you go on vacation. never again walk onto the beach looking like you have just arrived on vacation.

Skin testing and skin care advice is offered
Skin type 1
Very sensitive, children, people with sun allergies,
very fair-skinned people with freckles and reddish hair

Skin type 2
Sensitive, fair skin, no freckles, blond to brown hair

Skin type 3
Less sensitive, fair to dark brown skin, no freckles, medium to brown hair.

Skin type 4
Low sensitivity, light brown to olive skin, no freckles, dark brown hair

The “Buzz” Shopping Centre
Shop No.18 (Next to Planet Fitness)
Cnr Witkoppen & Nerine Rd

Telephone Numbers
011 658 1930