tanning bedsOwning your tanning bed has many advantages not often considered by most people.

Tanning in salons can become an expensive exercise and of course owning your tanning bed makes it available to you at your own convenience and allows you to tan in the privacy of your own home.

Many of us feel uncomfortable in a tanning salon getting an all over tan and running the risk of someone walking in on you while you are tanning naked.

You will have the comfort of tanning any time you desire day or night without worrying if the tanning salon is open. When you rent to own tanning beds, you will know exactly, just how clean the tanning bed really is and who the last person was that used your tanning bed. This can really help you cut down your chances of contracting a disease. However, it is rare to catch something at a tanning salon. However, you do not know just how clean they are if you only visit once or twice per month.

It is better to consider a rent to won option as the rental company is most often responsible for repairs necessary to your tanning bed.

The way that rent to own tanning beds, normally works is that you rent the bed for a certain amount of months then you own the tanning bed. Every company that rents tanning beds have their own predefined number of months that you will have to rent before you own the tanning bed. Be sure to read the fine print before signing the agreement to rent to own tanning beds companies. Some of them may have stipulations that you must pay for certain repairs even while you are renting. However, most of the time this is not true. Once you have paid on the tanning bed for the number of months in the agreement, you own the tanning bed and then all repairs and maintaining the bed will be up to you.