This has become a very common question from our readers of late…. Early winter pregnancies I suspect and expect to be asked a lot more frequently as we near the summer.

We did some research, and although there are some conflicting views, the overwhelming majority of those asked where adamant that it is not at all harmful, for the following reasons.

1. UV rays do not penetrate the body like x-rays and do not come near the baby

2. The only risk to the baby is that your body temeperature increases significantly and 10 minute sessions on a sunbed will not increase your body temperature significantly.

3. There is a misconception caused by the way the pigment in your skin reacts to the sun while pregnant. You could become splotchy with some very dark pigment but this will not effect the baby.

4.The light waves that are involved in tanning do not penetrate beyond the superficial layers of the skin and will have no effect on the developing embryo and fetus at any stage of development.

5.It is true that very high temperatures in a pregnant woman could interfere with development, but this will not happen in a tanning salon. Prolonged stays in a hot tub might represent a risk if it is overdone.

So there you are, you are more at risk of getting skin cancer than harming your baby if you use a tanning bed responsibly.

If there are any more views on the matter please post them here.