Sunless tanning has become more and more popular as the media bombard us with images of global warming and the harmful effects of the sun on our skins.

The tanning industry works tirelessly to improve the effects for tanners and the latest innovation to be aware of are hydration techniques and equipment which are designed specifically to prepare the skin to hold the tan for longer periods while protecting the natural elasticity in the skin.

It is essential for any tanning salon to keep abreast of these innovations as word quickly gets around that tanning at certain salons produces better results that last longer.

A salon may offer any number of little extras designed to keep customers coming back like massages, food, nails and hair but if the tan lasts longer from another salon, they will soon begin to migrate.

Hydration techniques are designed to transform the skin into the ideal canvas for UV melanin activation and DHA absorption. Steam is used as a natural cleanser, providing the essential moisture which is depleted during the tanning process and allowing the skin to effectively receive better tanning product penetration resulting in an even and longer lasting tan.