tanYour holiday is over, you’re back at work and looking fabulous with that golden tan you spent so many hours working on. You are willing your tan to last as long as possible because you just love the compliments and you look radiant and healthy.

Follow these steps to keep you tan as long as possible.

Exfoliating weekly will keep your tan looking even and smooth and keep away that baked lizard look and remove the dead skin evenly. If you don’t have an exfoliater An easy exfoliater is to mix oatmeal with a little sea salt, some almond oil and just enough water to make a paste. Never scrub with an exfoliater, a light rub will be sufficient to remove the dead skin cells.

Immediately after exfoliating and while the skin is still wet, moisturize your skin. By moisturizing your skin while it is still wet you are trapping the water and hydrating your skin.

As the time goes on and your hard earned tan starts to fade, don’t get depressed and promise to have a longer holiday next year, enhance it. There are many fantastic self tanning products or a few sessions a month at the tanning salon that will enhance your already fabulous bronze bod and you will be looking great all year and have your colleagues wondering!!!

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