Don’t get all pasty and white this winter; enjoy that warm feeling on your body which you know will make you feel a whole lot better.

Tanning in winter is the best way to pick up your spirits in the dark and dreary winter months and will have you looking fantastic and feeling more confident.

2 or 3, 10 minute sessions on a tanning bed will maintain a beautiful bronze throughout winter and have your friends and colleague wondering where you spend your weekends.

Controlled tanning sessions of 10minutes or so will not have you white and pasty one day and then brown the next, it is a gradual process that coaxes you skin to release the bronzing pigment.

It is essential in your first consultation to be properly assessed in order to get the maximum benefit from the tanning sessions. Answer all of the question honestly, take the advice of the salon consultant, enjoy the warmth and peaceful surroundings in the salon and watch your body transform into a healthy bronze.