How long is a piece of string? No really, it dep[ends on your pre tanning preparation and of course the salon or products used at the tanning salon.

There are 2 tanning systems that have been around a long time, Carribbean Tan and Mystic Tan, both of these tannin systems will give you a long lasting tan.

Spray tanning or airbrush tanning will produce different results for different skin types and those with damaged skin, and by this I mean acne marked skin, sun damaged skin with a lot of pigmentation or even those with a lot of freckles. If you have either one of these signs, we would not recommend spray tanning, the end result can be enhanced dark areas which can look very unsightly.

If you follow the advice of the tanning technician at the salon and exfoliate before tanning, your tan should last at it’s darkest for about a week and then fade gradually over the next 2 to 3 weeks.

The most important part is the after tan care which involves daily moisturising. What this does is protect the outer layer of skin and cause it shed slower.

Whatever you do, go to a well known spa or you could end up like these two…