meetingYou have a really important meeting today and have been burning the candle at both ends for a few weeks to get prepared for this make or break deal.


You are looking, pale, a little pasty and certainly not in good health and you need to be looking your best, so much depends on personal presentation, you just cannot afford to let your presentation suffer by how you look. If you don’t feel comfortable about how you look it will come through in your body language. 

There is help at hand and in a matter of minutes you could have that healthy glow, project confidence and enthusiasm and be the envy of many.

Spray tanning booths are an excellent and fool proof way of upping the ante.

Take an old costume or a set of underwear you don’t mind being stained(you can use it again for your next spray tan application).

Place the hair net over your hair(tanning lotions do not color your hair). You step inside, place your feet and hands on the blocks provided(so your soles and palms do not tan), press the button and there will be a cool mist of tanning lotion sprayed up and down your body, turn around, feel the spray on your back and you are done.

Remove the excess lotion with the towels provided by the salon, get dressed, you are tanned, confident and ready to take on the world.