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Xen-Tan dark selftan lotion and face tan

Are you panicking about taking your lilly white body onto the beaches this Christmas Holiday… Well say hello to the leading self tanning lotion that lets you gradually increase the darkness of your tan so you don’t look like you have just stopped off in Cape Town from 2 years in the Caribbean working on a boat without much clothing on.

Xen-Tans dark self tanning lotion can be used daily to gradually develop a long lasting dark tan or every few days to maintain and develop a beautiful bronze. Perhaps what we really appreciate the most from Xen-Tan is the wonderful vanilla scent of the self tanning lotion and face tanning lotion. It’s not like many other self tanning lotions that have a laboratory smell, with Xen-Tan you have a wonderful vanilla scent.

Xen-Tan contains Shea butter, Gingko biloba and Green Tea along with a new time-release ingredient for a smooth tan.

Don’t look like an English Tourist this December, prepare your body with a beautiful long lasting Xen-Tan.

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