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Sunbed tanning
Sunbed tanning... Does tanned skin mean damaged skin? Tanned skin signifies the bodies natural reaction by being exposed to ultra violet rays. During exposure to UV rays, melanin is activated and browns as it rises  to the surface of the skin as well as thickening the outer epidermis which is seen as a tannned skin. Remember that tanning can take as long as 4/5 days to develop so be patient, the last thing you want to do s over expose...
Tan before your important meeting!
Tan before your important meeting!... You have a really important meeting today and have been burning the candle at both ends for a few weeks to get prepared for this make or break deal.   You are looking, pale, a little pasty and certainly not in good health and you need to be looking your best, so much depends on personal presentation, you just cannot afford to let your presentation suffer by how you look. If you don’t feel comfortable about how...
Johannesburg salons
Johannesburg salons... Johannesburg tanning salons View all of the tanning salons available in Johannesburg by clicking the image of Johannesburg or using the links to the right. There are a selection of dedicated tanning salons and day spas that offer spray tans for you to choose from. If you are a salon Owner, and wish to have your tanning salon or health spa featured please contact us.