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SPF-Sun protection factors
SPF-Sun protection factors... What exactly is SPF or sun protection factor and what does it mean? The simple answer is that it is the ability of a sun scream to shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun for a particular amount of time before your skin will burn. Of course we all have different skin types and some of us burn a lot quicker than others, so here is how you calculate the SPF you need for your skin type. By way of example, let ‘s...
Which bikini style this summer?
Which bikini style this summer?... What can you expect to see on the beaches this summer. Here are a few of the latest styles of swimwear that range in price from a few hundred rand to a few thousand rand. There is the monokini or one piece that has come a long way since the 20’s where the wearer would probably have been just as comfortable in a dress and top. Swimwear has become a large part of any major brands clothing range and have the price...