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Liquidair tanning salons Cape Town
Liquidair tanning salons Cape Town... Liquid air use the Carribbean tan spray tan system and are priced very competitively with prices staying the same for years now. Liquidair spray tan salon Durbanville, “The airbrush tanning salon is owned by Carin Mastenbroek, operational in Durbanville. Installed on the premises is a very professional booth where the tan is applied to the skin using the best airbrush device currently available on the market in...
How long will your tan last
How long will your tan last... How long is a piece of string? No really, it dep[ends on your pre tanning preparation and of course the salon or products used at the tanning salon. There are 2 tanning systems that have been around a long time, Carribbean Tan and Mystic Tan, both of these tannin systems will give you a long lasting tan. Spray tanning or airbrush tanning will produce different results for different skin types and those with damaged skin,...