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Colleen Castenada posing

Colleens dark tan shows off every muscle on her body. She achieved this fabulous dark tan with airbrush tanning shortly before the contest and can be attributed to her winning the competition.

Spray on tan is also effective for giving the appearance of a slimmer body, a healthy looking bronze skin is so much more appealing.

A few words from Colleen hersef

“I can tell you what to eat and I can tell you what exercises to do but it is your own will and power to make the choice to do it. Stresses in life can cause you to make some self-destructing choices which can snowball if not careful. Try to surround yourself with people who encourage and respect your choices and decisions that you make.

Always find time to be with yourself to wind down and relax. And always listen to your body. If you are feeling too tired to workout then don’t. If you are hungry at 4 am, then eat. It’s okay.

If you stay within your limits for the day then it will not turn into fat just because you eat then go straight to sleep. Basically balance your life and sit back sometimes and enjoy the moment. Life is short…don’t procrastinate. Lastly, love yourself.”

Colleens transformation