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Breast enlargement scarring
Breast enlargement scarring... Healed scar Tanned skin When people talk about a boob job it’s medical term is breast augmentation surgery. A boob job or breast enlargement is when implants are inserted into the breasts during surgery. Some woman need the opposite and need to have breast reduction surgery. There are many different reasons that woman have breast implants. Some need the surgery because their breasts are under developed, others do the...
Scars and how they affect people
Scars and how they affect people... All scars will affect people in different ways be they emotional, physical or psychological. If a physical scar effects a person on an emotional and psychological level, it could cause the person to have a low self image and low self confidence. Are some scars attractive? Studies have shown that some woman prefer men with scars because it gives them the “bad boy” image. Some women think that a man with a scar has...