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What is a Thread facelift?
What is a Thread facelift?... Thread lift pricing in Johannesburg >> In short a thread facelift is quick, less intrusive and a fraction of the cost of a surgical face lift with results almost immediately visible. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional facelift, one which is more cost effective and safer, then thread facelift is the way to go. This procedure was designed to be less invasive and the risk of this procedure is...
What happens to skin when it ages?
What happens to skin when it ages?... A baby’s skin is so much smoother and softer than our own. There are a few reasons why baby’s skins are so soft. The dermis layer of a baby’s skin is about 20 to 30 percent thinner than that of an adult’s skin. The babies skin is thus less adaptable and in need of more sheltering. Unlike adults that are able to regulate their bodies’ temperatures, babies take in and loose water much more quickly than we do and...